These 10 amazing facts about ‘Ravana’ will blow your mind. Read more..

These 10 amazing facts about ‘Ravana’ will blow your mind. Read more..

10 interesting facts about Ravana:—

  • Ravana was Brahma’s great-grandson

Ravan’s father was the famous rishi, Visravas, who himself was a son of Prajapati Pulastya, one of Brahma’s ten ‘mind-born’ sons . Since he was born to great sage Vishrava and daitya princess Kaikesi, it made him partly Brahmin and partly daitya.

  • The Villain is also God.

Contrary to the belief, Ravana was not a cruel ruler. Although he took Sri Lanka by force from his step brother Kuber, he proved be the most influential Sri Lankan king ever. His reign over Sri Lanka is recorded as the most prosperous era of Lanka.

  • Ravana was well-aware of his Impending Doom.

Most powerful Asuras (demons) knew that they were sent to earth to perform a particular role. Ravana knew that it was his fate to die by the hands of an avatar of Vishnu, something that would help him attain moksha and give up his demon form.

  • He was a devotee of Lord Ram.

Ravana is considered as the most revered devotee of Lord. He is said to have pleased Shiva with penance to an extent where Shiva handedover an Atma Linga (Soul of Shiva) as a boon to Ravana. Atma Linga would help Ravana attain immortality and invincibility.Atma Linga would have remained in Ravana’s possession had he not been cheated by Devas.

  • Ravana and his brother Kumbhkaran were actually avatars of Lord Vishnu’s gatekeepers.

Ravana and his brother Kumbhkaran were actually Jaya and Vijaya, the gatekeepers of Vishnu, which made them a little arrogant. So much so that once when the four Kumaras, mind-born sons of Brahma showed up at the gates of Vaikunth (Vishnu’s abode), Jaya-Vijaya mistook them for naked children (a result of their tapasya). This enraged the sages so much, they cursed Jaya-Vijaya saying that they would be parted from their lord. When they asked for forgiveness, the sages said that they could either spent seven lifetimes on earth as Vishnu’s avatars’ allies or three lifetimes as their enemies. They naturally chose the latter. In one of those three lifetimes, Jaya-Vijaya were born as Ravana and Kumbhkaran.

  • Ravana and his 10 heads

His ten heads is the symbol of his god-like proficiency in the four Vedas and the six Shastras. He also possessed the highest degree of knowledge in astronomy and is even said to control the planetary movements. Fostering this is an instance – when Indrajit (his son) was about to take birth, he instructed all the 9 planets to align in a row in order for Indrajit to be a special child. But somehow Saturn fell out of the way and Ravana exacted revenge from him.

  • Bali defeated Ravana.

RAVANA was defeated by Bali, and was assaulted and imprisoned in his armpits for 6 months.

  • As he lay dying, he taught valuable lesson to Laxman.

On his deathbed Ravana taught Politics lessons to Laxamana and shared experiences from his own life.He guided him to have always good relations with charioteer, cook, gatekeeper and his brothers, because those are the persons who can harm you most.He advised Lakshmana never to underestimate strength of his enemy, a mistake which he made.He asked Lakshmana to always believe in astrology and movement of stars which can never be wrong.He told him to trust a minister who criticizes,a mistake he made in case of his brother Vibhishan.

  • He was an extraordinary veena player.

Ravana was a great musician, who designed his own string instrument called Ravana Veena.He also invented the bow of the violin. He also narrated very first Ragas. He composed Shiv Tandav, most valuable work on praise of Lord Shiva.

  • Ravana ccontrolled sunrise.

With years of penance and dedication, Ravana was said to have become so mighty that he could actually control the sunrise and sunset.

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