Failure is a beautiful Success known only when you have experienced it :-))

Failure is a beautiful Success known only when you have experienced it :-))


Every failure is a success in itself

Here is little something : See the picture below

A FAILURE is useless only if you learn nothing from it ! ( …. and that isn’t me speaking )

You learn more from your failures than you do from your success ! A failure (or a mistake) makes you remember something much better than success does !

Just think – Success would have NO VALUE if it wasn’t for failure !

Failures test your resilience , perseverance & passion ! Do not underestimate failure as success wouldn’t be as great without it !

Failures are like teachers , guiding you through the confusing path of life !

A failure is always a stepping stone towards success ! All Failures ultimately lead to SUCCESS !

The greater the failures , the bigger is the satisfaction of success ! People remember your SUCCESS , but YOU remember your failures !

Success gives you happiness while failures give you experience ! Failures remind us that we all make mistakes – it’s human nature !

Success & Failure are both sides of the same coin called life !

Every successful man has a lot of failures behind him ! The real success is not in achieving something great but of not letting go after repeated failures !

famous quote –

Here are a few REAL LIFE EXAMPLES , who didn’t let repeated failures demotivate them and people remember them as pillars of success


“ Success will meet you soon , only if you have the courage to FAIL . ”

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Have a great day ahead Friend !

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