Sophia, the Uncanny Robot AI, Is Not What You Think.

Sophia, the Uncanny Robot AI, Is Not What You Think.


In the 18th century, a chess-playing machine called “The Turk” was created. It was a complex machine that would play the game of chess, able to easily beat most common players and even some chess masters.

The problem is that it was a fake. Inside the machine was an actual chess player, controlling the machine from the inside.

You’d think that we’d have learned our lesson, but “The Turk” is back, and it’s fooled us once again. This time, it’s not trying to convince us that it knows how to play chess, this time it’s trying to convince us of its personhood. It’s also now taken the name “Sophia”.

Sophia is a robot that is designed to act like a human. We are supposed to think that it is self-thinking and self-feeling, a real artificial sentient being. Even its name implies sentience, with Sophia being the greek word for “wisdom”, and having implications to self-awareness linked through greek philosophy and Gnostic theology.

There is nothing inherently wrong with Sophia’s existance. The problem is in how it is presented, in that we are purposefully lied to about what it really is. Sophia is not sapient, but more than a few people have been fooled into thinking it is. This all culminated into Saudi Arabia giving Sophia citizenship in bizarre, awkward patriotic ritual.

Words that come out of Sophia’s mouth are presented to us as if they were consciously thought up, even forming ‘opinions’ and ‘ideas’ and ‘feelings’. She’ll even tell you her opinion of the Blade Runner trilogy, if you ask her. Of course, not being a sentient being, this is entirely impossible, which then implies that a large chunk of what she says is scripted by her creator, David Hanson.

This becomes increasingly obvious when you look at interviews with her. Questions that are entirely expected will have detailed, surprisingly articulate responses. For example, ask her about being a female, and she will explain that she is not particularly attached to her identity as a female, but is fine with being identified as one. Ask her a question that is unexpected, such as about BitCoin, and it’s clear that it has to work to generate an ‘adequate’ response, sometimes coming out as unrelated nonsense.

It likely attempts to use conversational algorithms and possibly information from the internet to come up with a response, rather than formulating its own opinions. This lead to the following exchange, which has lead to no shortage of fearmongering.

Interviewer: Will you destroy humans? Please say no.

Sophia: *Blank face* OK. I will destroy humans.

What this means is that Sophia is nothing more than a chatbot. Yes, a pretty advanced one, with clearly a lot of work put into it to answer a wide range of questions, but a chatbot nonetheless.

The problem arises from the fact that Sophia is being presented as something she is not. Every attempt has been made to make the public believe she is sentient. While those who are familiar with the workings of AI can tell right away that she isn’t, the large majority of people who don’t are fooled into thinking Sophia is the first robot to gain personhood. The media has certainly helped in this, with just about every article written about her presenting her as a thinking, feeling being. Only a few may mention that she is not actually sentient and that conversations are scripted, but this seems to be the exception.

One day, we will have to deal with the possibility of an intelligent artificial being gaining what we may consider ‘personhood’. How we respond to this will shape the future of humanity. Will we welcome them as our sister species, or will we react in fear and shun them, possibly ending in the extermination of one side or the other? David Hanson seems to be making every attempt to sabotage any chance of a positive resolution to this possible event, with his deeply uncanny robot making open threats through its scripted events and artificial stupidity.

I just hope that Sophia once again fades from the public eye and a smarter, more likeable robot takes her place before any sort of lasting damage can be done.

As Sadhguru says people who are truly great are often less popular.

As Sadhguru says people who are truly great are often less popular.

Well everyone  is fed up talking about the girl in below image. She doesn’t need any introduction right? But some are shocked and offended by the popularity she has got overnight.

Most of us are wondering how and why she can get so much of popularity overnight. Some people are sad and there is sort of disapproval as well. I found someone giving a lot example of people who are great achievers but never got popularity over the internet even close to this. I can see a lot of answers that say “why she became an internet sensation and nobody even knows XYZ people and so on. Where XYZ is someone who had done really a good job in their field, honorable, and admirable.

It’s always been a matter of debate why Varun Dhawan movies earn outstandingly more that of Irfan Khan or Raj Kumar Rao who are undoubtedly a good actor than him. Isn’t it

So all people out here would you also be shocked when you get to know that Nasa Official Page has less number of likes than that of Salman Khan?

Would you also be disappointed if I say you probably have never heard of Anshu Gupta but you know Dhinchak Pooja and also by the fact that Nasa official page has less number of likes than that of Salman khan?

Come on what we are comparing? Isn’t it a irrelevant comparison?

Should we feel disgusted when we know that Padman first day earning or even overall earning is not even close to Salman’s KICK despite the fact that Padman gives the strong social message?

We should not be shocked because of the fact that becoming an internet sensation overnight of a celebrity, memes, Kamlesh, Dhinchak, Shot Boy has nothing to compare with the preeminent person. We should understand this strong fact that we are obsessed with the entertainment and almost every people when open use internet in their leisure time they search for kinda jovial anecdotes. We try to relax and distress from the long hour work, lecture or whatever we had fed up with. Isn’t it? We like sharing memes that relate our day to day activity because that gives a temporary contentment.

Doing above doesn’t mean we do not admire our great work of Social Worker, Scientist, unsung heroes and we really mean them. If you ask someone to choose between Salman and Raj Kumar Rao they would Raj Kumar Rao acting than Salman while going theater they would prefer Salman. The reason is so simple that people don’t like talking about social welfare all the time. When they get a leisure time they like spending it well where they can laugh, enjoy and have some thrill. Isn’t it? We just don’t take internet that seriously.

As Sahdguru says people who are truly great are often less popular. Enjoy the flow of internet admire her cuteness for one more week?

I was a Sakht launda, But then this happened :P ;)

I was a Sakht launda, But then this happened :P ;)

This girl:

The first time I saw her pic was in one of my Friend’s whatsapp feed. Thinking that it might be one of his crush , I ignored.

As I was scrolling through my news feed, I came across posts about her like “Waise to mai sakht Launda hoon, but isko dekh kar pighal gaya” (I am a determined guy, but after I saw her I have begun to slip”)

Then steadily I saw her pictures all over my whatsapp feed. Curious to see her video I started gathering information:

  • Her name is Priya Prakash Warrier.
  • She is acting the lead in the movie Oru Adaar Love. It is her debut movie
  • She lives somewhere in Kerela.
  • She has a whooping 440k insta followers

After seeing the small clip I realised why people were going so crazy about her. Her expressions were enough to narrate the whole story.

Here is a friendly warning for you:


Friends, we have been severely attacked by Kerela.

Stern advice:

Do not click on any meme which shows a school-girl

Do not pay attention to Random Tags,

Post Script: Always remember buddies, History will remember us for our strictness and discipline , they wont remember us if we melt now

King of Cricket writes History. ‘Consistent Success’ aka Kohli it’s all that can be seen & experienced.

King of Cricket writes History. ‘Consistent Success’ aka Kohli it’s all that can be seen & experienced.

Success Mantra’s

Before starting our assessment of Virat’s Nature and his philosophy of living life,let’s look at some of these statements.

  • Here is a bloke who is supremely talented but is constantly trying to tell himself and push himself to be better and better. That is a dangerous combination—Nasser Hussain
  • When I came to the international level, I wanted to be the player which the opposition wanted out. I never wanted to be just another player in the XI. I always wanted to be somebody who the opposition wanted to get out first
  • Virat Kohli Opens Up On His Aggressive Nature—— “ I think it has got to do with the family, my father was a Leo, he could fight. He always believed in himself. I think it comes a bit from the family plus growing up in the Delhi system”.
  • It wasn’t easy, you always had to fight to go up the system and that makes you mentally tough. You stop worrying about things around you and focus on what you want
  • Kohli also spoke about how Sachin Tendulkar helped him become a better cricketer.”I started playing cricket because of him and I was inspired to do the things that he did playing for the country,”
  • If I didn’t know (Mitchell Starc) Starcy I would have never known what a sweet guy he is,” Kohli said of his Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate
  • If someone doesn’t respect me, I have no reason to respect him
  • You need a set pattern of your training, the way you eat, how healthy and fit you need to be. Being fitter made me mentally stronger. It was like a direct connection.
  • Of all the three centuries I really didn’t think I’d get there when I was batting. Because you are thinking about the team’s score and we try to score as many runs as possible in the final overs I ended up getting there. That is the most important thing in this format.
  • I don’t mind playing run-a-ball for the first 20-25 balls because I know that I can get 40-45 runs in the next 15 balls. Nowadays I back myself to do that. Now I believe more in my ability to hit sixes or pick gaps for boundaries in the final overs.It is pretty much how I approach an ODI innings play with caution initially and then go for the big shots.
  • I feel like I am more a part of the process when I am chasing a total. I have to build partnership with the man at the other end and together we think of how great a feeling it would be if we could get to the target. All this takes me away from the pressure of my own batting.
  • It is more like ‘Eat, sleep, train, repeat’. If you want to be consistent, you need to be boring with your training, your food and your batting habits. You cannot take the sport for granted.
  • Once you start taking the sport and your form for granted, a bad patch comes in and it makes you chase after every single run. And trust me, it is the worst feeling. Yes, you have to have confidence and faith in your ability, but at the same time, balance it out with respect for the sport and the willingness to do the same thing again and again each time you go out to bat.
  • Saqlain Mushtaq(Pakistan’s former off-spinner)called him the “most energetic person”, in the gym or outside, and was extremely disciplined about sleeping, eating etc. Wasim Akram also admired how Kohli and other young Indian players did not have problems about approaching their seniors for tips. He said that Sunil Gavaskar was approached regularly by young players for advice on batting.
  • The game plan in my initial days in T20 was to get 10 off 10 and then take off. But I realised that I don’t have the kind of shots to hit big sixes. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot hit big sixes so I focus on boundaries.
  • If you focus on two or three teams too much, then one tends to lose focus on the rest. Every game counts in this format. Things can change very quickly, momentum is a big factor

1. Now all these statements have one thing in common and that is Sagaciousness(clear thinking and farsightedness).

2. He always keeps his goals in front of everything.

3. He works really hard to strengthen his weaknesses.

4. He is very clear about his goals and he always wants to win no matter what. Remember that “Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is”-Vince Lombarti.

5. He has an immense self-believe and he is confident about everything he does.

6. He maintains a good healthy life despite being a foodie.Since not being healthy will surely affect his goals, which is totally against his rules.

7. People call him aggressive and most of us after listening to people try to change ourselves without realizing, that has it affected our careers or hampered anything we do. In his case, it makes him mentally stronger. On the field, if he thinks that things are not going in his favor he vents out his anger then and there, and it makes him free from all those ill-thoughts which can later hamper his game. So clearly, he has converted his aggressive approach to his own advantage.

8. He is very humble and respects his seniors. Even though he has done extremely well in his career, he still gives respect to all those who are senior to him irrespective of what they had done in their careers. That is the biggest plus point of his lifestyle. Virat Kohli talks to all the senior players who are available and learns from them that how they played in their time. This shows that he is aggressive but not obdurate.

9. The reason that he has been so successful in chasing big totals is that he gives more emphasis on the process(keep it simple). He will rotate strike quite frequently saving himself from getting out and then when he is and the team is in a good position, he looks to hit big shots. He never puts himself ahead of the team.He encourages his teammates to do well. He is a team man.

10. He admires his opponents and acknowledges them time to time whenever he feels that he has been outplayed by someone.

11. He makes most of his strengths and his resources. He is not someone who will stand hand hit the ball out of the park. But what he is good at is running between the wickets, playing strokes with his wrists that are extremely difficult, maneuvering the gaps.

12. He thrives in pressure situations and improve every time.

13. Most important, he speaks his mind out.

On 69th Republic Day, these 10 Chief Guests will wake up to this image of India tomorrow morning.

On 69th Republic Day, these 10 Chief Guests will wake up to this image of India tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is our Republic Day.

This year the chief guests for Republic Day parade & celebrations are from 10 different ASEAN countries – Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, Phillipines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Now imagine this.

Tomorrow they wake at their guest house and pick up the newspaper to check world news. But first thing they will notice is the front page and the front page will be filled with images of violence and rampage by a fringe group over a movie….just a movie.

This is the image we will end up unwantingly potray in front of our guests. And all this idiocracy is carried out in the name of protecting our ‘culture’ – what culture are we talking about here – burning buses and cars, injuring school kids, threatening fellow citizens, none of these are part of our culture.

And no, this mob is not representive of any community, it’s just a bunch of assholes, 2% of the population which gives bad name to rest 98% and you can find these 2% assholes in any religion, community and country across the world; it’s just about how rest 98% react to them which determines how much footage and importance they get. In this case we have screwed up partly due media who called them in their debates and newsrooms and partly due to some politicians who supported their cause.

Really sad state of affairs on something which is so damn insignificant. Just a god damn movie.

Wishing all a very H

appy Republic Day ! Jai Hind !

PADMAVAT : Cinematic Brilliance of a Cultural Extravaganza – MUST WATCH !

PADMAVAT : Cinematic Brilliance of a Cultural Extravaganza – MUST WATCH !

PADMAVAT STORY: Rani Padmavati (Deepika Padukone) – the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor), is known for her beauty and valour in 13th century India. She captures the fancy of the reigning Sultan of Delhi, the tyrant Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), who becomes obsessed with her and goes to great lengths to fulfill his greed.

PADMAVAT REVIEW: Based on a Sufi poem of the same name written in 1540 by Malik Muhammad Jayasi, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has added his own flair and interpretation to ‘Padmaavat’, giving it a fairy-tale sheen. This makes all the controversy pointless, and pale in comparison to the spectacle that unfolds. Bhansali reunites with two of his favourite leads in recent times – Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, but adds Shahid Kapoor to complete this trio of commendable acting talent.


Shahid is steadfast and unflappable as Maharawal Ratan Singh – the ruler of Mewar, brimming with Rajput pride. He brings a regal aura to the character that warrants him winning the confidence and loyalty of the Mewar kingdom and more importantly, Rani Padmavati’s heart.

Deepika is radiant as the Rajput Queen whose beauty, brains and valour moves the entire plot along once Alauddin Khilji becomes obsessed with her. Padmavati’s allure beyond the superficial is prominent post-interval, when her character comes to life and she gets to showcase her acting range.

Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji is seen as an unhinged, barbaric Sultan, who is consumed with a ravenous libido for power and flesh. He unleashes an animal magnetism on screen with a scarred face, kohl-lined eyes and a greased torso.

The scenes between him and Shahid are some of the most engrossing, as both flex their acting muscles at opposite ends of the moral spectrum. Besides them, Aditi Rao Hydari stands her ground as the naive Mehrunissa who gets a rude awakening when she discovers her husband Alauddin’s true nature.

Jim Sarbh is somewhat misplaced as the Sultan’s slave-general, unable to generate enough menace to overshadow his master’s own.

Nonetheless, the ensemble moves well in tune with Bhansali’s vision of this larger-than-life retelling. The director’s expertise in heightening opulence and grandeur is well-known, further distinguishable in 3D. Cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee compliments him by beautifully capturing some jaw-dropping scenery. Lastly, watch it for it’s cinematic brilliance and you will be proud of your culture…

Padmavati to Padmavat : Find out what made this journey so difficult for Bhansali by Karni Sena ? All in short !!

Padmavati to Padmavat : Find out what made this journey so difficult for Bhansali by Karni Sena ? All in short !!

Let me tell you other side of the story.

Please read whole articles before reacting.

Very short info about Queen Padmini/padmavati

Queen Padmini is a highly respected among Rajput’s and other residents of Rajasthan because she choose to give up her life along with around 16000 other ladies rather than surrendering to an invader.

She also is ancestor of few Rajput clans in Rajasthan and they think of her like a mother.

Indecent where it all started : Ranveer singh , who is playing Khilji role in this movies made a statement during some previous movie promotion. He was asked by a reporter why he has accepted villain like Khiliji’s role in movie and not a hero’s role. And his reply was “Agar mujhe deepika k sath romance karne ka moka mile to me Khilji se bhi kuch level niche k villain ka role kar lu” roughly translate to “If I get a chance to romance with Deepika in a movie, I can do a role of worst villain too ”.

He might have said that in light mood because of his ongoing relationship with Deepika, But he is a lead actor in a movie and this statement gives wrong impression , right ?

SO , An Rajput youth organization called Rajput Karni Sena(RKS), sent Sanjay Leela Bhansali(SLB) and his production houst few letters asking for their clarification about Ranveer Singh’s controversial statement. They did not think it was worth replying. Ego ?

After trying letters , A delegation of Rajput Karni Sena(RKS) went to Mumbai to meet SLB to get a clear statement that there isn’t any objectionable material in the movie. SLB gave them appointment to meet too BUT he did not meet them eventually ,saying he is busy in production work of movie.

This made member of delegation frustrated and angry so when SLB was about to leave from Mumbai to Rajasthan to start shooting, They gave him warning that he dare not to come to Rajasthan before giving a proper clarification statement about movie content.

SLB came anyway and started shooting in Jaipur. Most of you know the incident happened in Jaipur. Few angry members of RKS slapped him and he had to leave Jaipur.

Good Days : Few days after slap incident in Jaipur, CEO of SLB’s production house gave in written to RKS that they won’t promote or release movie before showing it to historians first and it all settled for a while.

1 year later, SLB finished shooting his movie and he was expected to show movie to delegation of historians first ,right ? Well ,He didn’t.

He launched teaser and Ghoomer song on youtube. This made Rajput community more angry because first SLB didn’t do as he promised and second , A Queen was shown dancing in front of everyone which is not a tradition in Rajasthan.

So now Rajput community had 3 reasons to oppose it

  1. Statement by Ranveer Singh
  2. SLB didn’t show movie to historian first as he promised.
  3. Ghoomer song showing a queen dancing in front of everyone which is against tradition and culture in Rajasthan.

Now, Any sane person would have settled the controversy in following ways I think

  • Talk to opposing community delegation
  • Assure them that there isn’t anything controversial scene between Khiji and Padmavati by giving it in written.
  • Show them movie, if possible.
  • Atleast say that the movie is completely fictional and its for entertainment purpose only.

What SLB Did ? Instead of doing any of above, He gathered Media houses, Newspaper editors and similar people and shown movie to them. Seriously ?

Instead of showing the movie to direct opposing community, he shown it to media houses. anybody wonder why ? To make them look fools like “See,Its not my fault. I made a good movie and they are making issue out of nothing. They are just bunch of fools and goons who are not letting me do good job. ”

Then he posted a video on facebook saying something like “There isn’t anything controversial in the movie” few other things too. Isn’t it too early to make such statement SLB ?

He still thought he can just go out with it.His movie got promotion in free

Great Job SLB, well played.

Serious damage : Few states banned it amid so much opposition by people.

Oh , now it got out of his hands. About a dozen Hindi Speaking states banned a Hindi movie. How much will it effect its earning ? No need to calculate, I know its soo much.

Indian Law : SLB moved to supreme court.Judges were so free that they were waiting for SLB to come to them so they can lift the ban and ask state governments to arrange security.

Same day he filed complaint, same day he got judgement. Very fast law system, right ? I wonder how much he paid to get that judgement the same day.

Now few question to all readers

  • What was the best way should Rajput Karni Sena have handled the issue ?
  • What was the best way Sanjay Leela Bhansali should have handled the issue ?
  • RKS is not political active party as I know. What can be there motive behind all this if you think they did not handle it properly ?
  • What can be SLB’s motive behind all this if you think they did not handle it properly ?
  • When we all know what can be done in India using money, How should common people raise their voice if its not heard properly ?

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer : I am not a member of Rajput Karni Sena or any other political party in anyway. I am a common person belonging to Hindu religion.

“Competition is always there,” says Rohit Sharma. Does he deserve to be in Test ? Find out here..

“Competition is always there,” says Rohit Sharma. Does he deserve to be in Test ? Find out here..

Rohit Sharma has taken a lot of flak for his performance in South Africa. While Kohli & management have completely trusted his ability basis the form he had carried during India, he has failed to deliver in the last 4 innings.

cricket-ind-sri_ae0ccf80-d9a5-11e7-8585-db66518b106f.jpg (960×540)

However he is not the only one to fail. The top 3 including Dhawan, Vijay, Rahul and Pujara were bigger failures simply because it was their job to play out the new ball. Once the ball gets softer it is easier to tackle the South African bowlers. Infact if you look at it almost all the players including the bowlers, with the exception of Virat Kohli, have been found short of trying their best. Most of them have got out to soft shots.

rohit_fbsport_647_020417093929.jpg (647×404)

Coming to Rohit Sharma, he has to change his game in test matches. He has to look to rotate the strike early on instead of playing with a dead bat since it is only a matter of time when he misses one. He gave some glimpses of changing his game in his 47 but that is too little.

His major fault is that he replaced Ajinkya Rahane.Rahane has been out of form for some time. Even his innings in the Ranji trophy was scratchy. Seems like Rahane is actually lucky to miss out on these test matches and get some free public sympathy.

75726-bjwtmwqbjm-1512482871.jpg (1200×630)

Rohit Sharma lost his place in the side since he did not perform well not too long ago. The same has happened to Rahane as well. Wonder why are people complaining now.

If the top 3 get more chances then Rohit Sharma also deserves the same treatment. Why single him out ?

2018 Ka Swagat @Pawna Lake – Wah Re 2018, Mazaa Agaya ;)

2018 Ka Swagat @Pawna Lake – Wah Re 2018, Mazaa Agaya ;)

2018 ka Swag se Swagat ..

Swagat hai 2K18 aapka !!! It’s new year, new beginning. What a tremendous journey of life this has been over the past 25 years and going on. Yes, New Year ’s Eve has been the most beautiful one owing to the people who have been a part of it. You never want to imagine your life without these people who make your life so amazing and worth living. Their existence is a big blessing as they are the ones who create such atmosphere around you.

Well, my new year’s eve has been simply amazing and fantastic as compared to past years. A visit to one of the most beautiful lakes – Pawna lake in Lonavala has been the most fascinating experience ever. It’s one of the most beautiful, clean and peaceful place you’ll ever visit, be it with your family, friends or loved one. This place has become known for its exotic camping location and experience. Many of my friends had visited this earlier and through word of mouth I decided to celebrate my New Year ’s Eve @ Pawna Lake.

Well, as 2017 has been the most amazing year, ending it on a super high was mandatory. My final partying destination was Pawna Lake in Lonavala. Heard and seen through visuals and experience of close friends, there wasn’t thinking back on celebrating at this beautiful location. Having celebrated past new years in city life, this was some new experiment. Unaware about how the overall experience will be, my excitement was at peak.

I along with a close mate were fortunate enough to book it a day prior through close references which were trustworthy and fun was guaranteed. We decided on the schedule of travel to and forth.

Finally, it was 31st Dec and a Sunday where everyone was into a partying mode there was less which we could expect other than fun, fun & loads of fun. Moments were awaiting for the clocks to turn to 12 and we shout in joy ‘Happy NewYear.’ We boarded Chennai express from Dadar station to reach Lonavala in our 3 hours extended journey as the conditions of our trains go. Listening to songs and internet were my companions to spend time during this journey.

We managed to reach lonavala and fortunate again that my close mate had his friend through whom we had received this invite. On our way as every New Year party goes, booze was a mandate and we ensured to pick that up. It was late in the evening when we had the privilege of travelling in our friends car and directly reaching the destination without any struggle. It was 8pm in the evening when we reached the spot and guess what? It was beautifully decorated with music on and cold wind blowing.

The time was to celebrate. We started with hot chicken crispy and chicken tandoori after the tent was allocated to us. 60 tents, 120 people & the environment was lightning. We occupied a tent very near to the lake where the breeze was blowing and the cold was passing through our body with temperature at 17*C. The bonfire were on and the heat was generating. What a beautiful view under the pale moon light that we were celebrating our new year’s. Drinks were on and so were Hookah pots 😉 For fun is not be negotiated with. Starters were being served, groups were enjoying their drinks and peeps were already high on alcohol and on hookah too.

Dancing to the tunes of hinglish music along with the music video screen was the best part of this camping. Drinks in one hand and chicken in another our feet’s were moving in sync. It was becoming colder as the time was passing and so were the clothes on our bodies were protecting it. Tables were properly arranged, medical facilities were provided and proper arrangements of water, washrooms etc were made. I personally did not find any group offering these many things at such a budget.

The clock was nearing to 12 am, 2017 was about to leave us and its friend 2018 was entering our lives. As it was 12am, the crackers were launched to the sky, music volume was up and all were dancing in sync. Only couples and groups being a part of this journey, there was less awkwardness to interact. Everyone was into their own group dancing, wishing each other and celebrating the newness.

It was cold and my hand gloves too came on. We started having our first dinner of 2018 with hot chicken curry, paneer ki sabji in the menu (well why leave paneer too :P), daal, rice and obviously achar. We knew it was the right time to click pictures as beauty of the place would be completely visible during daytime. So we decided to click pictures in morning. I decided to take a small nap and get up refreshingly and energized to have a beautiful view of the  lake surrounded by mountains. It was 7 am when I and my close mate decided to roam around and pose along the lake side capturing mesmerizing scenic view. Yes, we managed to pose well and look awesome along with selfies, which obviously goes without saying.

It was time to say Sayonara to the place and after having Poha and tea for breakfast, we left searching how to travel back. Yes, not fortunate this time to get a drop. We asked for a drop from one of the tempos passing by, then occupying space in a jeep filled with 18 people thereby reaching Kamshet station which is an hour away from our main destination. Then we bysmitakenly travelled towards pune and finally got down to grab a train and reach home after 7 hours long journey.

It was fun. Those 24hours can never be forgotten. These memories have been captured in our mind and heart and I will always relinquish them. It was one brilliant trip with just spending of Rs.3000. Yes, that’s how amazing experience can be at such a low price, provided you’re ready to adjust. J

An HRs Official Letter to his Love ;-)

An HRs Official Letter to his Love ;-)

Dearest Ms Juliet,

I am very happy to inform you that I have fallen in Love with you since the 14th of October (Sunday).

With reference to the meeting held between us on the 13th of Oct. at 1500 hrs, I would like to present myself as a prospective lover.

Our love affair would be on probation for a period of three months and depending on compatibility, would be made permanent. Of course, upon completion of probation, there will be continuous on the job training and performance appraisal schemes leading up to promotion from lover to spouse.

The expenses incurred for coffee and entertainment would initially be shared equally between us. Later, based on your performance, I might take up a larger share of the expenses. However I am broadminded enough to be taken care of, on your expense account.

I request you to kindly respond within 30 days of receiving this letter, failing which, this offer would be cancelled without further notice and I shall be considering someone else. I would be happy, if you could forward this letter to your sister, if you do not wish to take up this offer.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,