We are proud of it..But CM of UP- Yogi Adityanath isn’t..Tajmahal – Oh We Don’t Deserve You !!

We are proud of it..But CM of UP- Yogi Adityanath isn’t..Tajmahal – Oh We Don’t Deserve You !!

As a women, this application(APP) is must have for you.. Do read in details why we say so ?

As a women, this application(APP) is must have for you.. Do read in details why we say so ?

EmailYes, number of company design safety app for girls and working women. And one the best of in this category is Smart24x7-Personal Safety App. The app is currently associate with numbers of Police department like In association with Gurgaon police, Meerut Police, Chandigarh Police, J&K Police and many more along with Noida and Lucknow fire department.

Why smart24x7 personal safety app different from others safety app

Smart24x7 Mobile App helps you to stay safe and secure when things go wrong.

Smart24x7 personal safety and security app, including real-time tracking and analytics that enable users to monitor, measure and improve safety & security and its gives us a unique approach towards strengthening existing protection.

The Concept

The Smart24x7 – personal safety app prime motto is to provide you an extra layer of protection which will walk along with you as inherent part of your life. The special feature about smart24x7 Safety App is that it helps you to connect with your loved ones automatically whenever you find yourself in trouble or need to find help for someone around you.
Instantly send alerts to your loved ones and concerned authorities

If you are feeling unsafe and want someone to help you out, you can just pressed the “Panic Button”. The app connects you with your loved ones and Smart24x7 call center team recommend the best course of action and alert the Police/Fire/Ambulance services if your situation escalates or you need immediate help.

Sharing Travel Status with Primary Contacts

Whenever you are travelling in public vehicle, you can just type place where you travelling along with the vehicle number (as seen in the screenshot). And the app can send notification to your loved ones. So in case of any event happen, your relatives as well as police will know which vehicle you travelling.Instant connectivity with Police/Ambulance/Fire

If you are in a distress situation and need help from Police, Fire, Ambulance services just need to press “Panic Button” you will connect the concerned authorities automatically.

Speed Alert Feature – Allows you to set a speed limit and receive alerts

The Speed alert features generates alerts when your vehicle in which you are travelling is over speeding it automatically opens up a prompt which the user can see and can say whether he is unsafe or panic mode.

Domestic Employee Registration with police

You can register your Tenant/Employee (Maid/Servant/Cook/Guard) with Police through Smart24x7 Mobile Platform. This features also give you an option to rate your staff, if the staff is not working with you.

Physical SOS button for Kids, Elders & Women

The “Physical SOS Button” is a very simple personal alarm designed for the elderly, kids & women to inform near and dear ones for help. The Bluetooth SOS alarm is not just a panic button but and advanced tool in case the Victim Belongings are snatched the alarm gets triggered automatically.

Some of the others highlights features are

> Secure your elders through “All is well” feature

> Secure chat features with loved ones/friends

> Track loved ones and friends Anytime, Anywhere (Only those “Given Permission” )

> Alerts History– Allows you to see all your alerts with response time

How to download Smart24x7 App

Few Simple Steps to Download Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App

User can download “Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App” from Google Play Store / App Store / Windows Store / BlackBerry World as per their mobile models.

Step 1. Open your “App Store” in your Smart Phone

Step 2. Search for “Smart24x7”

Step 3. Look for (Logo) – Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App

Step 4. Click on install button to install the application

Step 5. Application will start downloading immediately

Step 6. Register and start using

Why Do We Care About Profanity ?

Why Do We Care About Profanity ?

You say those words for a reason, even if you say them unconsciously to the point that you don’t notice it. Perhaps it means that you are adult enough to say those things without someone washing your mouth out with soap, and you plan to exercise that right. Perhaps it means that you don’t care about the people who may be shocked by that word. Perhaps it means that you are challenging convention or propriety.

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But of course, there are people who care about convention and propriety. There are people who are concerned about the words we use socially and for whom those boundaries are important. Why do you care that they care? Or maybe you secretly do. Maybe you wouldn’t be happy if  your 5 year old said to his/her grandmother (your mother), “that was so much fucking fun”. Or to the President. Or to the Dalai Lama Or maybe you wouldn’t, but a lot of people would.

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Anything can become a ‘curse word’. The ‘n-word’ wasn’t always a curse word in the way we see it today. Words are spoken symbols for thoughts, ideas, situations, and status. The issue is not the sounds, but rather the meaning. Your point seems to be that the meaning has changed, and perhaps it has, but not to everyone.

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To give a tangible example, a relative of mine chooses to use the f-word often. He also has many visible tattoos and piercings, and keeps what some might call a unique hairstyle. In his world, this is a good thing and his friends and girlfriends all think so. He gets a positive response from his peers. However, he also gets pulled over by the police fairly often. They have a different opinion of his look. They don’t see it in quite the same way and my relative pays a certain price for it. All forms of social communication have their pluses and minuses. It just depends on who you want to impress and who you may offend. These are the choices we make, and although it would be wonderful if every choice of ours was all-positive, no-negative, the world doesn’t seem to work that way.

If You are a 90s Kid, these memories will make you emotional & bring back your childhood :-)

If You are a 90s Kid, these memories will make you emotional & bring back your childhood :-)

Well, the post is in Indian context.

What are the differences between 90s kids and today’s kids? In every way. With so much changing times, congested places to live in when one thing obsoletes another thing is invented in a modernized form.

Here, The guy is the man selling ice cream. That box, it stores our ice creams! It was so exciting just to hear the cries of these salesmen, and we used to run to our mother asking for a penny to buy ice creams!

Here. They were small happiness in true sense! And they were quite cheap!

This play. It is so sad that today’s younger generation is just so limited to inside computer and mobile games. Now I hardly see any space around a home, that’s one of the reason that children are staying back to their houses only. Ans the increasing study load is terrible, you are simply having very less time to engage in outdoor activities.

Coalgate powder 🙂

I could hardly find children with this play, their parents would simply won’t allow. Well they are wearing so expensive cloths!

This candy! Anyone remembers?

Maybe some do still play this. It was exciting.

😀 It was fun just to peek inside those “kanchaas”. It used to seem amazing inside there! Isn’t it?


I was such a fan of Chacha Choudhary! I used to read them a lot.

It is such a simple device and cheap as well. Can you believe, how much cheap the happiness used to be?

Oh! When I see any of those I store them.

Tikiya, we used to call it then. It was cheap, damn cheap.

I tried hard to learn this style. On earlier days, affording a bicycle was a difficult tasks, so somehow we used to manage from the elder’s cycle!

Boy! This Natraj box was so strong and it held almost everything.

Raja, Mantri, Chor, Sipaahi! Even the point were standard across India!

Again, easy happiness! Me and my sister had to divide the polythene sheet and there used to be a fight if I burst extra.

These handy video games, now extinct. Frankly, I loved to play tetris in it and that tank game. Battery was a issue by the way.

Frankly, It still touches my heart after seeing all the above pictures. They were all the part of my half life, my full childhood. They kept on coming to me at different phases of time. They simply bring me back to those old summer days when it used to be holidays after the final exams of school. I realize, how everything, every small events were so much exciting. Smiling was so easy and getting revived from sadness was so easy, just someone buy a candy.

Ban on Crackers ? Is it the right decision by Hon. Supreme Court.. ? OR a target on Hinduism ?

Ban on Crackers ? Is it the right decision by Hon. Supreme Court.. ? OR a target on Hinduism ?

We are living in a democratic nation. People can express their views about any issue. So Chetan Bhagat is raising his voice. This is good for the functioning of democratic government.

Now, come to the point. Honourable Supreme Court of India banned selling of Crackers in Delhi NCR region. You can celebrate with cracker but you have to purchase it from other statesOnly selling of Cracker is banned. The reason behind this ban is that PIL of two small kids. Supreme Court wants to check the pollution level of Delhi after the Diwali. Last year pollution level of Delhi was highest just after Diwali. Of course it’s a good move. We should welcome this decision of supreme court.

Chetan Bhagat raised his voice against the ritual performed in Muslims. It also causes water pollution. So according to me, Supreme court should also ban Bakrid from next year. Even Loud speakers on Mosques also causes sound pollution. Supreme court banned it, but no one follows the guidelines of supreme court.

Yes, it is completely right that supreme court banned Jallikattu, Dahi Handi and now crackers, but supreme court also banned Triple Talaq. So I don’t think so we should give religious colour to this issue.

According to me Crackers are not good for Environment. So supreme court should ban use of Crackers in every occasion like Marriages, New Year, Christmas etc. Why only Diwali ?

When UP government banned illegal Slaughter houses, people were blaming government because they lost their jobs.Now Ban on crackers is also going to affect the market. Many people are going to lose their jobs. Why people are not blaming Delhi government now ?

So, we just need to change our perception. Everything which is not good for Environment should be immediately banned. No ritual is important than human life. People should not give religious colour to environmental issues.

Thank You !

‘Capgemini’ turns 50… Living the future.. The Journey of Decades !!!

‘Capgemini’ turns 50… Living the future.. The Journey of Decades !!!

‘Capgemini’ bas naam he kaafi hai (only name is enough)… as they say in hindi turns 50 on 4th October, 2017. An organization which begun with 5 members in 1967 and now with a strength of 2,00,000 employees spread across 40 countries is one of the biggest IT giants. We celebrate this year as sweet 50 of Capgemini which has given lakhs of employees a reason to smile. So, what it is like to be an integral part of Capgemini family ?

Capgemini is great place to work. It is one of the big growing organization who is providing employment to lot of talented IT people. Apart from work, Capgemini involves in many other good things which is beneficial to our society like Corporate responsibility & Sustainable environment. Also, providing education to poor girl child. Capgemini take care of their employees by arranging various fun events in the office surroundings and encourages people to showcase their talents. Capgemini believes in Diversity & Inclusion hence provides many opportunities to people with disability. Capgemini has big campuses around the world and expanding a lot in

It is like working in office with multi-skilled and experienced professional in the field of IT.

It is like co-ordinating with other team members to get the assigned work done

It is like developing your communication skills and professionalism in the corporate world

It is like training the new joiners in the project.

It is like co-operating with your seniors and juniors in the company.

It is like completing your tasks before the deadline.

It is like balancing your personal and professional life.

It is like celebrating Jashn party and having fun with family members and colleagues simultaneously.

It is like providing help to poor children with CSR community.

It is like having fun every friday in the office. Fundoo Friday.

Finally summing up Capgemini, Excellent Knowledge Sharing & Exhaustive Learning Capabilities !!


Failure is a beautiful Success known only when you have experienced it :-))

Failure is a beautiful Success known only when you have experienced it :-))


Every failure is a success in itself

Here is little something : See the picture below

A FAILURE is useless only if you learn nothing from it ! ( …. and that isn’t me speaking )

You learn more from your failures than you do from your success ! A failure (or a mistake) makes you remember something much better than success does !

Just think – Success would have NO VALUE if it wasn’t for failure !

Failures test your resilience , perseverance & passion ! Do not underestimate failure as success wouldn’t be as great without it !

Failures are like teachers , guiding you through the confusing path of life !

A failure is always a stepping stone towards success ! All Failures ultimately lead to SUCCESS !

The greater the failures , the bigger is the satisfaction of success ! People remember your SUCCESS , but YOU remember your failures !

Success gives you happiness while failures give you experience ! Failures remind us that we all make mistakes – it’s human nature !

Success & Failure are both sides of the same coin called life !

Every successful man has a lot of failures behind him ! The real success is not in achieving something great but of not letting go after repeated failures !

famous quote –

Here are a few REAL LIFE EXAMPLES , who didn’t let repeated failures demotivate them and people remember them as pillars of success


“ Success will meet you soon , only if you have the courage to FAIL . ”

Thanks for reading !

Have a great day ahead Friend !

We Don’t Need Bullet Train Exactly But We Need Bullet Like Train System in India.

We Don’t Need Bullet Train Exactly But We Need Bullet Like Train System in India.

First of all we don’t need bullet trains in India as of now, may be in future but not now.

I don’t understand why Indian government is so keen to bring bullet trains to India where the existing railway facility is miserably poor and where train derailment is so common that if one coach of a train like Rajdhani Express derails we breath with calm saying thank God ek hi boggie utri hai aur ek bhi aadmi nahi mara (Thank god! Just one boggie derailed and not a single person died).

Train derailment is so common here in India that everyday 1–2 news flashes this train at that place derailed, this much people died and injured. Sometimes 4–5 trains derailed in a single day as happened about a week ago.

I want to give one example here of newer IITs. When there was need to pump capital in existing 7 IITs of the country in order to achive their full potential, the erstwhile UPA government cleared the bill of 7 new IITs including IT-BHU and ISM Dhanbad. All the newer 8 IITs still suffering with lack of capital and investment. Having graduated from one of the new IITs, I’m the right person to say that these institutions are no better than an under funded private institutionAs if this wasn’t enough the current BJP government opened 5 more new IITs in different states. My point here is that if the existing facilities is not at par and not achieving its intended potential, what is the need to announce new policy or project??

Moreover, railway facilities like drinking water, sanitation, safety and security, complex fare structures, delays in operation etc are so miserable that Indian Railways are nowadays synonymous to daudti maut (running death). Government needs to understand that spending public money on above issues is need of the hour and not on bullet trains.

A country where government policies are not judged by its implementation, results and outcome but its intention which often lead to poor draft policies, poor implementation and worst outcome, here I’m providing some arguments against the bullet train operation in India.

Firstly, bringing bullet trains in India is more sentimental than well thought policy, its outcome in long run, its feasibility and need of it in the first place. Government is taking the matter of bullet trains on its ego,

  • That if Japan can have it, why can’t us
  • That if China can have it, why can’t us

Indian government needs to understand that Japan is well developed economy and technologically more advanced than us, China’s bullet train technology is one of the best and cheap in the world and they’re also technically very advanced and they’re communist country so their policies can’t be questioned. Indian government needs to know that most developed democratic economy USA doesn’t have bullet trains.

Secondly, mark my word, bullet train is being played as a trump card for Gujarat Elections. It’s not bullet train it is a propaganda train. BJP is trying to woo voters of Gujarat in the name of development on the cost of public exchequer which is not at all viable in the longer run.

Thirdly, many issues including land acquisition, viability, cost to benefit ratio of the project is not being considered comprehensively which will backfire in future. Land acquisition is one of the main issues for any project in India, it will surely create hurdles and deprive farmers of their fertile land (farmers in Boisar MH already protested yesterday against the project).

Fourthly, cost of the project is too high 1.1 lack crore. A project worth 60K crores is palmed off to us for 1.1 lack crores that too with 0.1% interest over 50 years. In India the project costs USD33,000,000 oer kilometer which was recently completed in the China for just USD 18,000,000. Where is all the remaining money going?

Fifthly, viability of the project. I’m not sure if large number of people are going to pay huge amount of fare to save just 3 hours of time by using bullet trains. India where most of the people book train tickets in this order 2S-SL-3A-CC-EC-2A-1A of normal mail express trains, then 3A-2A-1A of Rajdhani and Gatiman express as per the affordability and not as per their comfort, I’m not convinced if they’ll book tickets of bullet trains which are equivalent to the fare of Airplanes.

Sixthly, why does this train have 12 stoppages and at places like Boisar and Bilimora with population of 36150 and 53817 respectively? Where even much slower Rajdhani and Shatabdi have no stoppage. What are they planning actually, a bullet train or a much faster version of Mumbai Local??

Seventh, The planned project between Ahmedabad to Mumbai will take 3–4 hours where at the same route Duranto express is taking about six hours currently. Now, who will pay price of plane fare just to save 2–3 hours with bullet train, I wouldn’t. So, why exactly is this humongous investment supposed to make sense in that case?

I can put forth many more arguments against the bullet train in India as of now but I think I’ve made my point clear with some of them.

Need of the hour is to invest more and more amounts of money in existing infrastructure of railways and make the heart of the country, The Indian Railways safe, reliable, secure, affordable and fast.

I am not from ‘Reserved’ category & here is how i feel about it ?

I am not from ‘Reserved’ category & here is how i feel about it ?

How do you feel to be born in a general family in a country where ‘reserved’ is preferred than ‘deserved’?

If the biggest reason for your frustration is not being able to get into IIT or IIM then you have to congratulate yourself on being one lucky guy to have the privilege of being in the top 3% of the country to suffer a problem that many would kill to have.

If your question is aimed at trying to find solace then maybe the following list of privileges that upper caste Hindus enjoy in India will cheer you up. Please read my answer link given below:

Deepmala Prasad’s answer to How do upper caste people (in Hinduism) who believe that upper caste privilege exists really know it exists? What experience made you realize upper caste privilege exists?

Still if you believe that losing out a couple of opportunities in your entire lifetime defines your identity then let me tell you a little secret that will perhaps make you feel slightly better or maybe just make you feel less miserable about the context of history.

You are not a person.

You are a product of your genes. They go a long way toward determining if you would be physically imposing or weak, smart or stupid, calm or anxious, energetic or lazy, and fat or thin.

What your genes left undecided, your upbringing mostly took care of — how you were raised determined your values, your attitudes, and your religious beliefs.

And what your genes and upbringing left undecided, your environment rounded into shape — what culture you were raised in, where you went to school, and who you were friends with growing up. If you had been born and raised in Saudi Arabia, you would be a different person today. If the Nazis had won World War II, you would be a different person, still.

So, even when personal choices finally come into play, you’re still choosing within that framework — you can choose between becoming a poet or a software engineer, but only because you were raised in a world in which other people had already invented both poetry and computers.

That means every single little part of your life — every action, every choice, every thought, every emotion, every plan for the future, everything that you are and do and can potentially be — is the result of things other people did in the past

These mostly dead people shaped every little molecule of you and the world you inhabit. You are the product of what they did, just as they were the product of those who came before them. You are, therefore, not a person any more than a leaf is a tree. It makes far more sense to think of yourself as one part of a whole (the “whole” being every human who has ever lived) than as an individual — you benefit from the whole’s successes, and you pay for its mistakes as if they were your own — whether you want to or not.

This is not abstract philosophy, this is not something you can choose to believe or not believe — this is a statement of physical fact.

Refusing to acknowledge it will only leave you endlessly confused and frustrated.

Refusing to realise the privileges you have that others clearly don’t and to think you are your own person is something that will make you bitter about the whole world.

So really if you want to make tomorrow a better world you have to commit to equality in your society. And for that you need to understand what equality is. And for that you need to see what your own privileges are and how you can bring those privilges to those around you.

That means you can’t think of your life as a story. You have to think of it as one sentence in a much longer story … a sentence that doesn’t make any sense out of context. But, understand the context, and you will understand your life.

The “deserved” vs “reserved” debate and how the past defines it

1,000 years ago, if you were a genius born on a farm, it didn’t matter — it just meant you were going to be a genius who shoveled shit. A hundred years ago, if you were a genius who was born a female, it didn’t matter — you were going to be a genius who stayed home and changed diapers.

50 years ago, if you were a genius who was born a Dalit, it didn’t matter — you were going to live your life as a genius shit scavenger.

we have tried to take down more and more of these arbitrary barriers because we realised the world badly needs all those geniuses out in the field doing genius things. (Thus came the various anti discrimination programs such as Harijan Act and Reservations and quotas.)

I don’t even mean “Einstein” type geniuses — humanity needs people who are geniuses at teaching, plumbing, repairing air conditioners, dancing, etc. And for millennia, we were arbitrarily telling 80 or 90 percent of our talented people that they had to clean carcass, sweep floors or dig crap ditches, purely because they weren’t born as upper caste Hindu male. Progress came when we started pushing for things such as universal education and literacy, along with rights for minorities and women to pursue careers and advanced degrees.

We can’t just collectively agree to make the context of history go away, any more than a bunch of leaves can get together and decide that there is no tree; the roots of history are still feeding us. Dalits are still stuck in slums with terrible schools and and pathetic opportunities where they’re being groomed for a lifetime in the sewer system. Even those who have finally escaped from that hopeless reality continue to face subtle and sometimes overt casteism (denied renting houses in upper castes, social quarantining) And regularly being reminded of their status with various violent means (subtle, casual casteism, honour killing,rape) these people don’t even know there is something like SC/ST atrocities act.

Can you imagine the relief of being spared of that disadvantage, by accident of birth!

So really isn’t the whole “reserved vs deserved” point moot and meaningless?

World is far far far too big to draw assumptions basis a handful of experiences from around you. You have to understand the bigger picture. You must try to figure out What part you can play to ensure that everybody around you, from your maid to your sweeper to your watchman feels assured about his/her self worth that’s not dictated by his place in the society but what he believes he/she can be.

10 Things to learn from Mr. Manmohan Singh & You’ll never forget these ones..

10 Things to learn from Mr. Manmohan Singh & You’ll never forget these ones..

Alright then, here’s a look at some of the great things and values the learned Manmohan Singh ji has taught us.

1) Loyalty. Do i need to even elaborate this? The man embodies loyalty.

“For me, it is a remarkable achievement that I have been able to finish 10 years as PM without any hiccups in the relationship with Mrs Gandhi.”

In his only third press conference in ten years as a prime minister, here’s what he called his biggest achievement. How awesome is that, in an age where young people try to change their jobs every year. No loyalty left at all.

By the way, for the press conference, reportedly he was given 100 mock questions and two mock interviews to prepare for yesterday’s press conference. 28 government departments helped him prepare for it. It reminds me of the day before school tests where mom used to help me mug up math formulas so i don’t screw up on the big day.

2) He is also an epitome of the Indian tradition of Jugaad. How people get jobs through knowing the right people.  Jugaad is our core differentiator in the world. This culture has to be nourished and allowed to prosper.

Never got elected by the people, but has been Prime Minister for ten years. This must be the great grandmother of all Jugaads.

Fevicol, are you listening? Here’s your perfect brand ambassador.

3) Above all, Manmohan Singh sir is a true Gandhian. Rahul calls his ordinance nonsense, and he says nothing. Nawaz Sharif allegedly calls him a dehati aurat, and he says nothing. Perfectly in keeping with the ‘show the other cheek’ principle.

4) Have you seen his CV? So damn impressive. I think i lost count after about five thousand degrees. And look at him today. All those degrees, and still no respect from petty people whose only job is to tweet about the weather.

After the movie 3 Idiots, he is going to be the single biggest reason people won’t crib too much about their children not getting fancy degrees. Our future generations will thank him for his contribution towards improving our education system, by showing us that degrees don’t mean anything in the longer run.

5) Look at his Secular credentials. He doesn’t do anything for poor Hindus. He doesn’t do anything for poor Muslims. He doesn’t do anything for poor Christians. Nothing for poor Sikhs either. He’s an equal opportunity do-nothing-er. Why bother when we can just reduce the poverty line to get them out of their misery?

6) Then there’s his contribution to Fine Arts. Artists can run their households just painting his caricatures. College dropouts can become standup comedians. All they need to do to make people laugh is say ‘Manmohan Singh is the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had.’ Writers can write books on how his silence is so profound.

7) Manmohan Singh ji has taught us all that the Ends justify the Means. Idiotic bloggers can keep ranting against him, but he’s the one who has been India’s Prime Minister for close to 10 years.

Or, like Alok Nath would say, ‘Bahu please!” [Sorry, just couldn’t resist]

8) Grammar. Never before had we heard words like subservient, obsequious, obliterate, denigrate, etc on TV debates. Thanks to sirjee, these are on our tips now. No wonder Indian kids are going to America and winning Spelling Bee like it is ludo.

9) Today, thanks to Manmohan Singh ji and his performance, or lack thereof, anybody can dream of becoming a Prime Minister. All you need to do is shrug your shoulders, say that i don’t know, and twist your thumb at minister after minister going to jail. And you thought your IT job was easy!

10) Last, but not the least – Persuasive skills. Our PM ji may hold the highest office in the land, but that hasn’t stopped him from asking Rahul Gandhi once every few weeks to grace his cabinet by taking his seat whenever he deems fit. This isn’t just persuasion, but humility as well.

In fact this unrequited love story between him and Rahul Gandhi just moves me to tears. Come on Rahul yaar. He has requested you so many times. Why are you being so rude to an old man who loves you so much?

Manmohan Sigh has loads of patience. Loads. Look at Pakistan. We gave them the Most Favored Nation status, and they gave us 26/11. We gave them Sania Mirza, and they sent us Veena Malik. But he persisted with them. So what if Nawaz Sahib made fun of the head of state of the world’s second populous country at the UN, a few hours before they were due to meet?

Manmohan Singh has given plenty back to India. More importantly, he has redefined the word Prime Minister. There was a time when we all looked up to the Prime Minister as someone who was a position of authority, someone who would shape our destiny. Now he is just someone who looks forward to Rahul Gandhi taking a ‘bigger’ role in the government.

But hey, he was in power for ten years without a single fight with Sonia ji. That counts for a lot of points.

Theek hai?